To our Friends and Fans,

We have sad news.  Our friend, Stacy Phillips, a man who was many, many things, including a Grammy award winner, a Bluegrass legend and a founding member of the Nu Haven Kapelye, died, Tuesday, June 5 around 9:30.  He was 74 years old. He experienced a massive heart attack on Sunday and from then on it was just a matter of time.  He was surrounded by his family, his sister and his niece and nephew.  Stacy was his own person and that was reflected in the life he led as a musician.  He was a part of the Nu Haven Kapelye from the very first December 25 concert ever held. Stacy wrote arrangements of old Klezmer songs for us. He mentored everyone, whether we wanted it or not!!  And he was an incredible teacher for our newbie members.  Whenever someone wanted to learn more about Klezmer and Eastern European Jewish music Stacy would send them YouTube videos or little charts.  He brought something to this group that we are never going to forget and that we will sorely miss.  It is hard to believe he is dead. There is a great obituary about Stacy in the New Haven Independent.

On Sunday, June 10, we participated in a musical memorial for Stacy at Café 9 in New Haven.  We were joined by so many other musicians, bands, students, and fans who all paid tribute to him.  There’s a great article about that event in the New Haven Independent

Zichronoh l’vrachah  May his memory be a blessing

Sholom Aleichem.  This is the official web site for The Nu Haven Kapelye, a very, very big Klezmer group based in the greater New Haven community.  Founded in 1998, we play at simchas including weddings and b’nai mitzvahs, senior centers, pubs, music theaters, and festivals, including an annual December 25th community concert and the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven. The Nu Haven Kapelye is directed by David Chevan and membership is open to anyone in the community.


Our winter hours in the studio in 2015 produced our first album, What's Nu?, which is now available on our music page! Watch the preview above. Or take a step back and experience our first day's recording session through this time-lapse recording made by drummer Jay Miles.

In the past few weeks the press has been talking up our new CD. 

Click here to read an article in the New Haven Independent about the emergence of a Klezmer scene in New Haven. We are one of the bands profiled in the story.

Click here to hear a story about the band and our annual December 25 concert that was aired on December 22 on WNPR.

The New Haven Register ran an interview with David Chevan about the CD and our December 25 concert.

Or click here to read a piece in Radio Sefarad, from Spain, that calls our group, La Super Big Band del Klezmer!!

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