To our friends and fans: 

We have exciting news to share: The Nu Haven Kapelye is now a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The change will allow the ensemble to accept donations and apply for state and federal grants. Musically, the band’s new status changes nothing: the Kapelye will continue to play a mix of Yiddish music, klezmer, and (occasionally) other Jewish pieces. 

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Our winter hours in the studio in 2015 produced our first album, What's Nu?, which is available on our music page! Watch the preview above. Or take a step back and experience our first day's recording session through this time-lapse recording made by drummer Jay Miles.


Enjoy this article in the New Haven Independent about the emergence of a Klezmer scene in New Haven. We are one of the bands profiled in the story.

Listen here to a story about the band and our annual December 25 concert that was aired on December 22 on WNPR.

The New Haven Register ran an interview with David Chevan about the CD and our December 25 concert.

Or click here to read a piece in Radio Sefarad, from Spain, that calls our group La Super Big Band del Klezmer!

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